Benefit Custom Makeup Kit

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Benefit Cosmetics has came up with a custom makeup kit system which is exclusive to their website! Basically they offer you a variety of items ranging from face to cheek to eye products plus a free gift and you can choose one item from each category. It retails for $79 dollars which I think is an amazing price for a variety of products.
 I chose the Some-Kind-Of-Gorgeous foundation in Medium, Fake Up Creaseless Concealer in Medium, boxed powder blush in Rockateur and a Hydra-Smooth Lip Colour in Air Kiss. It also comes with the free makeup bag (which I adore) and also you can choose 2 samples (such as, Stay Don't Stray, POREfessional etc.)
I first used the Some-Kind-Of-Gorgeous foundation when I purchased my 'Primping with the Stars' kit which you can read my review here. I really love this foundation because it's easy to apply, creates a flawless canvas, semi-matte finish, blendable and buildable. I can't wait to try out this product with my new Beauty Blender! If you guys are looking for something lightweight with coverage, I recommend this product instead of the Hello Flawless Oxygen foundation.
 I've never tried nor tested this product in stores but from reading reviews and watching YouTuber's talk about this product, I was interested in picking up this concealer for my under eye area which can sometimes get dry. I can't say much about it now because I haven't tried it yet but if you guys want a review on it then I will gladly do one for you guys! And by the way, the packaging is superb!
You guys .. I have wanted the Dandelion boxed blush but when I found out that they offered the Rockateur blush in this kit, I had to get it straight away! At first glance, it's a beautiful deep rose blush with gold shimmer and it appears like that when swatched as well. I loved the embossed design in the blush, it adds so much character but the problem is, I don't wanna touch it because it will get ruined! Another plus is that it smells like roses, I love Benefit's blush scents. If you guys haven't smelt it, I suggest you go and smell it now!
Last but not least is the Hydra-Smooth Lip Colour in Air Kiss which is a beautiful rosy pink lip balm (in my opinion it feels like a lip balm). I'm loving this colour, it suits my skin tone and it's wearable for everyday. I also love the packaging for this product as well, it's innovative, fun and cute which is my style!

That's the end of my post my lovelies! I hope you enjoyed reading and got a little more insight on the Custom Makeup Kit from Benefit. I've been eyeing it for awhile and decided to take the plunge and thought I could spoil myself to some new products. This was my first time ordering with Benefit and I can safely say that they had an easy check out system, shipped out quickly (it arrived at my house within 2 weeks) and packaged neatly. Benefit Cosmetics in Australia is on the pricey side so I think this custom kit has really saved my wallet haha. There are so much more choices than this so please take a look at their website if you're interested in a particular item. I would totally recommend this to people who are new to Benefit Cosmetics or has been a long lover of them because it's just a great addition to anyones makeup collection.

Do you have this kit as well? Comment down below what you chose! If you're interested in this kit, tell me down below what you would choose! 

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