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Sunday, 22 December 2013

We've all heard of the famous veil primer from Hourglass and have heard a million positive reviews on it and let me just say .. here's another one. I've used MAC's Prep and Prime, Maybelline Instant Age Primer (First Impression - here) and Australis Matte Face Base and none of them compare to Hourglass' Veil Primer. I purchased this at Mecca Cosmetics several weeks ago and they come in two sizes. Let's just say the bigger bottle's price tag is ridiculous for a primer so I settled for the smaller one which is 10ml and retailed for $25 (from memory) and since then, it's been one of my best decisions ever. It's described as a 'mineral-based, water-resistant primer with SPF15 that neutralises the skin, minimises shine, and creates a smooth, uniform canvas for flawless makeup application.' I couldn't agree with the description any more than that. 
I apply it after moisturising my face, I only need to pump a out a small amount of the product and it is enough for my whole face. It instantly mattifies my face, improves my skin texture leaving a perfect canvas to apply foundation. And we all know that having great base makeup is essential in having just an overall perfect look! I can't say enough good things about this product and this post could get insanely long if I kept going. It's an amazing product to use for all events, especially good for formals, weddings or big functions as you would be wearing your makeup on for more than 9 hours. This product really does control the oils around my T-Zone and doesn't make my face appear shiny at all. It locks my foundation in place and instantly lifts the staying power of it as well. It sets into the skin right after application, making it seem like you've applied nothing onto your face! I can't really say anything for people with dry skin but it works well for my oily skin.

It's a holy grail item in my makeup collection and I'm sure that it would be yours as well. If you're afraid that it might break you out or you'll have an allergic reaction, opt for the 10ml bottle and try it out, if you've read enough reviews then definitely go ahead and purchase the bigger size. Another way to test the product without putting it onto your skin is applying it onto your wrist with your palm facing up as the skin on your wrist is the same on your face. I really recommend this product and I think I'll bet purchasing the bigger bottle soon after I finish the small one because it's a product worth investing in. And if you're a makeup lover/addict like me, you'll enjoy it as well!

I hope you guys enjoyed reading my review, tell me down below if you've tried the Hourglass Veil Primer and your thoughts on it. Also tell me if you're interested in buying it! 

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