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Monday, 16 December 2013

Put your hands up if you love Christmas! (-puts hand up-) I am back again to do another tag post, I love reading other bloggers and YouTubers tag post/videos so I thought I would participate in The Christmas Tag! I wasn't tagged by anyone in particular but I thought, what the hell, this do it since it's my favourite time of the year?
What's your favorite holiday movie?
What's my favourite holiday movie hey .. I would have to say Love Actually! It's funny, romantic and festive which is why I love it. I don't really watch Christmas movies on the actual day nor leading up to Christmas but when I do, Love Actually wins :)  
What's your favorite Christmas colour?
I would have to go with red, white and gold. Something about these three colours are really mesmerising and festive when I look at them. When I have my own house, I will definitely be incorporating these colours into my colour scheme during the Christmas period. 
Do you open your presents Christmas Eve or morning?
Hahaha I open them during Christmas Night to be honest! 
What's your favorite winter fragrance?
It's currently not Winter here in Australia but I love my Marc Jacobs Daisy and Sunshine perfume for any season or occasion. It smells delightful and fresh!
Favorite Christmas smell?
I like really sweet scents such as caramel, frosting, cupcakes or just something sweet in general! It makes me feel really warm and fuzzy inside and I could literally smell it forever.
What's your favorite holiday drink?
I don't have one really, I guess anything that's there is good enough for me!
Candy cane or gingerbread men?
Candy Canes all the way, gingerbread men smell really yummy but I love the taste of Candy Canes way better! 
Favorite Christmas song?
Definitely 'All I Want For Christmas' is my favourite of all time!  
Have you ever made a snowman?
I've made one when I travelled to the snow but that wasn't during Christmas! Does that still count? Haha :D 
What is most important to you about the holidays?
Spending it with my family and friends is more than I could ever ask for. I don't care about not receiving presents, I just really love the company of my close ones and would do anything for them! 

I tag YOU to do this as well! I would love to get to know you so if you've done it or thinking about doing it then comment down below! Thank you for reading lovelies, and Merry Early Christmas! Mwah xx

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