Haul: Priceline 40% off Skincare Sale

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Welcome back to my page lovelies. As you all might know, Priceline had a massive 40% off Skincare sale which only went over two days (30th and 31st of July). I picked up some old and also new products and I just wanted to share what I bought with you guys. When I got home, I realized I bought 1 of everything; so 1 cleanser, 1 moisturizer, 1 exfoliate .. etc, which I thought was cool!

So here are all the products that I bought and I'm really excited to try them all out.

July Empties Post: #1

Monday, 29 July 2013

Hi friends! Back again with another post which I've never done before! My first 'Empties' post. Not sure what Empties is? Well it's basically products that I've used up for the month and giving little reviews on them. I love watching Hollyannaeree's empties videos, I find it interesting and always looking out for new products to try. So what are we waiting for? Let's jump right into it!

Swatch: E.L.F Custom Compact or E.L.F Elements

Monday, 22 July 2013

Hey hey hey there bloggers! About one week ago, my friend Nhi from Sincerely Blushaholic and I placed an order at ikatehouse and I thought I'd purchase the E.LF Custom Compact from the crazy good reviews from Emily @ Beauty Broadcast

So this little palette is basically like a Z-Palette where you can buy single eyeshadows and put them in as opposed to leaving them in their pot. The palette allows four single eyeshadows to be put in and believe me, four is all you need if you can find the right colours! The E.L.F website offers a large variety of colours ranging from warm browns to bright blues and greens to dark black. The palette itself costs $1.99! (WHAT A BARGAIN, I KNOW!)

3 in 1 Review: Maybelline (Mascara, BB Cream and Colour Whisper)

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Hello darlings, hope you're you're all well! Today I will be reviewing some of the 'kind of new' (at least to me) products from the Maybelline collection. I bought these quite recently so I just wanted to give you my honest opinions on each product. Let's jump right into them shall we?

The latest item that I picked up is the Maybelline Dream Pure BB Cream. It's a new formula that is designed for people who have oily skin (put your hands up if you got oily skin! -puts hands up-)

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