Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Hey dolls! I made my first Colour Pop Cosmetics order a few months back with some of my lovely girl friends after looking at a gazillion swatches since their shade selections (especially lip products) are basically endless. After being pulled in by the cute packaging, amazing swatches and even better price tag, I ended up with 9 Lippie Stix and 3 blushes and as you can read from the title, today I'll be giving you my thoughts on the Colour Pop blushes and how their perform on my skin.
These blushes retail for $8 a piece and comes with 4.2g worth of product. Their packaging is pretty standard but their 'screw off cap' differs them from the typical blush that we all have in our collection. It's great for those who travel often as you don't have to be scared of your blush randomly popping open and making a mess but in saying that, to screw on and off the cap is a little more time consuming (first world problems) and you could potentially lose the lid, haha.

Going past the packaging is the product itself and all blushes and eyeshadows have a brick-like embossed detail which gradually fades away as you keep using it. The three shades I picked up are:
  • Clutch - a vibrant hot pink with a matte finish
  • Birthday Suit - a muted pink with slight purple undertones and fine shimmers with a satin finish (personally my favourite)
  • Quarters - a mixture of pink and peach tones with a matte finish
The texture of these blushes are smooth, silky and have a cream-like consistency about them but apply just like a typical powder blush when using a brush. When swatched with your finger, the pigmentation is insane with a single swipe but when using a brush, it picks up the right amount without any fall out and applies beautifully. It's easily blendable and has fantastic staying power. I've worn these blushes to work and through all the oils and sweat, it was still visible on my skin which I'm impressed about. To keep this review short, sweet and straight to the point, I do enjoy using these blushes on a daily basis and I think they have a great shade variation which you can see on their website (ColourPop Cosmetics). I'm still getting used to the texture of the blushes but I can definitely see myself purchasing more in the future! I recommend them to everyone and surely there's a shade on there best suited to anyone!

If you guys wanted me to review my current Lippie Stix collection then let me know! Do you guys own any Colour Pop products? Any recommendations? 

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