Haul: L'Oréal, Maybelline, Rimmel and Nude by Nature

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Hi bloggers! How are we all? I've been doing some shopping lately and came across a massive sale at Priceline! It was a 40% off sale and I was literally freaking out cause everyone knows how expensive makeup (and a lot of other things) is here in Australia compared to the United States. Seizing this opportunity, I went on a little hunt for products that I was interested in using. 

I know I didn't need ANY of these things but I couldn't pass up this deal knowing that it comes so rarely so please don't judge me guys! (I'll making a fashion haul soon as well because .. I bought so much and I have to share with you guys )

It's only a few products but they all added up to be around $68 AUD dollars! I know, ridiculous rights? So what did I buy? Well, I grabbed the Nude by Nature Natural Mineral Foundation, Maybelline Vivid Lipstick in "Vibrant Mandarin", L'Oreal Nude Magique BB Cream, L'Oreal Nude Magique BB Power and two Rimmel Scandaleyes in Nude and Cobalt Blue.

My first foundation that I ever used was by Nude by Nature bought by my lovely boyfriend. I wasn't really familiar with liquid foundation at the time so I settled for mineral foundation and I absolutely loved it. It gave me such a flawless and effortless look on my face and better yet, it did not look cakey AT ALL. This retails for about $37 AUD dollars but I got mine for $23.97 after the sale. But I didn't buy this foundation for myself, I actually bought it for my sister. I know she loves it too and for the price it was at, it was definitely a steal. If you're interested in a mineral powder foundation, I really recommend this one because it didn't break me out and it uses various natural ingredients which is also a bonus. 

Who can walk past this colour and not pick it up? I've never really been interested in trying out orange lipsticks until recently. It's just one of those colours to use if you were just wanting a pop of colour in your regular makeup routine and stands out SO much. It's gorgeous and my photos will  not do it justice. Even so, I'll post a small swatch!  

Isn't it pretty? I know guys, I know.

Here we have the L'Oreal BB Cream that itsjudytime raves about so how can I go past Priceline without picking this bad boy up? First of all, the packaging. I can't tell you guys how much I love the colour on the bottle and also on the powder (which I will talk more about later). I bought mine in "Light" because swatching Medium was a little too dark for my skin tone. Now, I wore this BB Cream on the day of purchase and .. you'll get my honest opinion on this product in another post haha ;) 

I'm going to try this product a little more before I give my final opinion (don't wanna be too harsh on it's first application)

Oh. My. God. Have you guys swatched or felt this new L'Oreal BB Powder used in conjunction with the BB Cream? IT IS LIKE VELVET. It's so beautiful, and feels like touching a baby's butt. It's that good. I will also be doing a separate review on this product along with the BB Cream as well. I haven't used it much to give a review on it. I got my shade in "Medium" because Light just looked way too light for me so I was like 'No thanks!' 

Last item for my haul, it's the Rimmel Scandaleyes Eye Kohl Eyeliner! I bought the Black one not too long ago and I'm loving the texture of it. It is so creamy and smooth when applied so I had to pick up a Nude and Cobalt Blue as well. These two shades are so pretty and pigmented! I'm in love. I haven't used them yet but here are some swatches!

So that's all I bought .. Yeah I didn't really need any of these things but you know what, #yolo! Hope you guys enjoyed!

Until next time, xx
Nina Ngo 

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