Sunday, 19 July 2015

WELCOME BACK loves! It feels good to sit back and give you guys a review on a current foundation I've been wearing! I'm always on the hunt for the perfect foundation best suited to my skin type which is combination/oily. Previously you guys have seen how much I adore the L'Oreal True Match foundation but I think I've found a new love for L'Oreal's new line of foundation - Infallible 24H.
As always starting off with packaging. The foundation is housed in a slim glass bottle with a fitted pump and cap like most foundations. Having the pump makes it 10x times easier to see how much you are dispensing which is always an A+ in my books. It comes with 30ml worth of product, has SPF18 and is 'enriched with hydrating hyaluron + extreme hold pigments for optimum comfort'. The claims on this foundations are:
  • No transfers
  • No visible imperfections
  • No visible shine
  • No dry out
  • No mask-effect (not even sure what that means)
Basic claims but if the product lives up to it then it would be a pretty great foundation, especially for my oily skin beauties out there. Onto the formula itself, it has a thicker consistency compared to the True Match, making it a medium to full coverage if using a brush. I typically blend this foundation with a damp beauty blender to ensure there's no creasing or cakey-ness. Speaking of cakey, if applied with a brush, I do notice a small amount of build up around my nose but in saying that, using a primer underneath this foundation can combat any build up, creating the perfect canvas to apply any base makeup. It applies seamlessly around the face and is easily blendable as it takes about 1-2 minutes to settle into the skin, leaving you time to move and blend. It also sets to a semi-matte to matte finish. I haven't tested the foundation to see if it transfers onto clothes but with my oily skin, I think it will. It does a great job at covering the redness around my nose and any imperfections around my face with one pump which is generally all I need!
I mentioned earlier that it has an SPF18 which DOES give the slightest white cast but barely noticeable in flash photography. In saying that, I still wouldn't wear this foundation for events such as weddings, graduation or clubbing just to be on the safe side. I think it's a lovely foundation for everyday wear - it's great for work, running day time errands or lunch with friends but a little too heavy if you're considering wearing it to school. This foundation holds up on my skin for a good 8-9 with blotting sheet touch ups in between. I rarely take a compact with me so blotting sheets are my best friend! 

Overall, the Infallible 24H is fast approaching as one of my top favourite foundations from the drugstore. Great coverage, buildable, blends seamlessly, pretty awesome shade selection, slight fragrance but nothing too fancy and does what it has to do. I would definitely recommend this foundation for those more on the oily side as it supposedly combats shine but think it would be suitable for dry skin types as well!

I hope you all enjoyed my review on this foundation, let me know if there's anything else on the market you'd like me to review! Until next time, don't forget to follow my social media for more updates! FacebookTwitterInstagram and Bloglovin' <3


  1. Owh Yey! I have Oily Combo skin too & it's hard to find a drugstore foundation that suits me. This may be my 1st drugstore foundation for 2015 haha. Thanks for the review, Nina ^^

    Hana | Bold Expression

  2. No worries Hana! I actually have another foundation review on the way and you never know, you might enjoy it better than this one! Thanks for reading lovely, xx

  3. Hello. Where did you buy this? Are you in Asia?


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