E.L.F Studio Blushes in 'Candid Coral' and 'Tickled Pink' | Swatch

Thursday, 6 February 2014

We know ELF is to be an affordable drugstore makeup brand that carries some amazing products such as their brushes, eyeshadows and blushes. And from watching YouTube Gurus rave about ELF Studio blushes, I thought why not grab some since they're so inexpensive?! If you read my last post (you can read it here), I made a recent purchase from iHerb and picked up the blushes 'Candid Coral' and 'Tickled Pink' for $3 a piece. That's a great bargain!

Like always, let's start off with the packaging. I think it's quite decent quality for the price we're paying for, it reminds me of the famous NARS blushes but isn't obviously as luxurious but still stores the product inside nicely. It has a very small mirror inside which I think is just there for looks, it's usable but you won't be able to see yourself applying blush. It comes with 4.75g of product and has a wide selection of shades from pinks, to peaches, to mauve.

Candid Coral is a sheer, peach toned blush with golden shimmer, beautiful for adding a subtle glow to the face. Tickled Pink is just a touch more pink, with again, gold shimmer. The texture of both blushes is quite soft at first swatch but the pigmentation isn't amazing as I thought it would be. It took me quite a few swipes to actually get the product to show up on my skin, which might be a little problem. But even so, after seeing the blush on my skin, it does look quite nice! The only thing I'm concerned about is how application will go with a brush, I might have to dip in and out of the pan to actually get the colour to show on my cheeks.
But other than that, I think for $3 it's not too bad and what more can I expect?! I think other shades such as Twinkle Pink, Fushia Fusion and Blushing Rose would look absolutely beautiful as they're deeper shades! We'll see how it goes, if these blushes can live up to what everyone is talking about then my heart is set on purchasing more shades!
 What do you guys think about the ELF Studio Blushes? What shades would you recommend? Did you guys know that ELF is now available in Kmart now?! I can't wait to check out their stand, and their prices are the same as the US! That's exciting! I hope you guys enjoyed reading, new post coming soon! xx


  1. I've never tried the ELF blushes before but I've heard they're really good bang for your buck so I might have to get some :) I totally didn't know that you can get ELF in Kmart either, wow! Australia is finally catching up :P

    Eat. Live. Love. Repeat.

    1. I would recommend them because the price is unbeatable! And yes I just found out that Kmart stocked ELF not too long ago!


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