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Monday, 28 July 2014

Hi bloggers! Today I'm going to be talking about mascaras and how they've made such a big impact in our lives and makeup routines. Not all mascaras are for everybody, each person has an individual taste and opinion about a certain product and when it comes to eyelashes, mascaras are no exception. I definitely find it hard to find a mascara that does everything in one - define, lengthen and adds volume. I have very fine, sparse and short lashes and without a few coats of mascara, my lashes are basically INVISIBLE unless you wanna get all personal and have a close up conversation with me, ha!

So I'm assuming all or most of you ladies have seen many Mascara 101 videos on YouTube and know that "asian lashes" requires a little more maintenance when it comes to curling and application. All of my favourite mascaras are in a waterproof formula due to the fact that they're not as wet as non-waterproof formula, meaning that they're great at holding and maintaining a nice curl. Wet formulas tend to make the lashes droop down (at least for my lashes they do) and like to smudge throughout the day, especially under the lower lash line. The formula of the mascara is one thing but the brush/wand is another and I absolutely adore brushes that have a curved shape to them, I'll tell you why in a bit. Whether it's a rubber or fibre bristle brushes, my lashes adhere great to straight or curved wands, which are moderately spaced between to help coat the lashes evenly and is intensely black for definition! In saying that, I think short, straight wands are great as well because it's easier to apply onto shorter lashes like mine, but a little tricky if the wand is too long which interferes with coating the inner corner lashes. Everyone will have their own preferences but today I'm gonna tell you mine!
First favourite is the Maybelline The Colossal Waterproof mascara. I cannot recommend this particular mascara enough because I think the formula isn't too dry nor too wet, the brush is a fibre bristle wand which curves to the shape of your eye and best part is, is that it's affordable! This mascara evenly distributes the right amount of product onto my lashes whilst lengthening, defining, curling and separating. It leaves no clumps, just an even coat to define the lashes. I usually use two coats of this mascara to add more volume and drama but not too the point where they look like spider legs which is a definite pet-peeve of mine. And of course to keep my lashes nice and perky all day long, the waterproof formula is a must! It retails for $19.95 but you can catch them at $10 during Chemist Warehouse sales! It's actually $10 at Priceline RIGHT NOW, so pick it up if it sounds appealing to you guys!
Next is the L'Oreal Butterfly mascara which surely you've all heard about, especially from beauty gurus in the US when it first launched. I picked up this mascara for $15 at Big W and boy, was it one of the best decisions. Again, I grabbed the waterproof formula and the most interesting part about this mascara and the reason why I really like it is the design of the wand. It's hard to capture on camera but their wand flares out on the inner edges of the brush to help add more volume to the outer lashes. It a short, rubber bristle wand which helps to evenly coat each lash because it's shorter which adds more control when applying. Again, it doesn't clump and it's a great separating mascara and I think it's definitely something you ladies should look into! It does come across a little pricey, maybe $25 but you can find them on sale from time to time! :)
Last but not least is the latest edition to my collection, the Urban Decay Canonball mascara which is a densely packed fibre bristled wand which is awesome at adding volume and drama. It's short bristles assist in coating all the lashes from one end to another and doesn't budge from the moment of application! It will be a massive pain to remove this bad boy but it's well worth it. Downfall with this mascara is that it does flake if you apply TOO much which might fall into your eyes but that only happens on a rare occasion when you apply like 10 layers. It does retail at $30 but I think it's a great mascara for short and sparse lashes.

So those were my favourite mascaras, tell me yours down below and also any other recommendations for my little lashes! I hope you guys enjoyed this post, look out for more in the future and follow my social media! Until next time, xx

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