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Friday, 27 June 2014

Hi friends! Now, I know YSL lipsticks is definitely the talk of the town with its luxurious, gold packaging but it does stir up some controversy with it's lack of pigmentation and longevity. Well I'm here to give you guys an in-depth review of all (I say all like I have THAT many, lol!) the YSL lipsticks I own and how they work for me. I have them in four shades, one out of three are in different collections - one being from the Rouge Volupté Collection and the other three being from the Volupté Shine Collection. Both lipsticks differ from each other ever so slighty in terms of pigmentation and consistency and the benefits each collection provides.
Volupté Shine claims to add a "unique sensorial experience with extreme comfort and shine. Hyaluronic acid microspheres [which] help seal in moisture for 8 hours of hydration [with the addition of anti-oxidants and emollients to help condition and soften lips]." I definitely agree with their statement when it comes to keeping the lips hydrated because the consistency is much smoother, giving the ability to build up the colour whilst leaving the lips soft and not emphasising dry patches. I have the shades:

  • 13 Pink in Paris: a beautiful "My Lips But Better" kind of shade, it is comparable to the 'L'Oreal Moisture Matte Lipsticks in "Spring Rosette" but a little lighter and more on the pink side. 
  • 12 Coral Incandescent: leans slightly towards a more of a pink toned lipstick than a typical coral lipstick. Even so, it's a great and buildable shade which isn't too in your face and adds the right amount of 'POP' to any makeup look.
  • 15 Corail Intuitive: is again, another shade that leans towards a pink undertone rather than being a coral shade. The best way to describe it would be that it is a baby pink kind of shade, adds a lot of shine without being too overpowering and a good amount of colour payoff. By no means it's comparable to Nicki Minaj kinda pink but it is in the same colour family! 
The difference between Rouge Volupté to Volupté Shine is that "each signature shade saturates lips in captivating colour that's intensely pigmented, and imparts an irresistibly glossy shine. The long lasting, comfortable formula is highlighted with a unique Colour-shine Complex that leaves lips visibly smoother, pumper and more radiant." Claiming that it is intensely pigmented is a understatement. It is really amazing how great the colour payoff is, especially with just one swipe. It is definitely true to colour, meaning the colour in tube, translates into the swatch as well. Don't you just hate those lipsticks where inside the tube it looks so pretty, but then it test it and it looks nothing like the bullet? Well, expect nothing but the best from this collection. I have it in the shade:
  • 34 Rose Asarine: is definitely a demonstration of when I say it swatches true to the colour of the bullet and also to the name. Rose Asarine is a gorgeous cool toned rosy pink which adds a nice pop of colour to the face which compliments a bold cat eye kind of look. It is so pigmented, it leaves a stain on my lips but again, doesn't leave my lips going dry since the consistency is so smooth.
All in all, I know there are many opinions about the YSL lipsticks and how they're more for show and is more of a collector's item, but I disagree. I think their formula is a perfect representation of a good lipstick, with the addition of attractive packaging. But with its whopping $50AUD price tag, I think it's better off if you bought a lipstick from Maybelline. It's wonderful to have in your collection and from reading my review, hopefully you'll like it if of course, you decide to pick some up. I do love displaying my YSL lipsticks on my shelves because I love the colour gold but trust me when I say, it isn't just another shitty (excuse my French, ha!) lipstick and should only be bought for looks. Next time you walk past a YSL counter and think "I wanna spoil myself", definitely pick up on of these babies. I was lucky enough to be gifted all four lipsticks from my friends - Lina and Ray, Tuyen and Maricar! Thank you my darlings! 
But this concludes the end of my review, I hope you all enjoyed and that I have sparked you interest in trying YSL lipsticks! Comment down below what you wanna see on Haus Of Makeup, I would love to know! But until next time, follow me on TwitterFacebookInstagram and Bloglovin' for more updates! Talk to you guys soon!


  1. I've always been a fan of YSL lipsticks. I love that they're super creamy and don't dry out my lips. Not always long lasting though.


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