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Monday, 23 June 2014

Hi guys! Yes, I'm back with another haul because .. well .. I did a lot of shopping. I decided to separate this makeup haul into two parts only because if I put it all into one then I would be talking forever and bore you guys! Now, I went a little crazy at the MAC Pro Store in terms of spending in the Pavillion which is located in Bukit Bintang. I didn’t pick up TOO much but I did manage to get my hands on some items which I’m so excited to share with you guys. Let’s start off with the lip products!

I picked up the shade “Crosswires” that’s a cream sheen finish which is my absolute favourite finish for MAC lipsticks, along side Lustre and Amplified. The shade is another one of those “my lips butter better” kinda shades as its slightly pink with a corally undertone. I think it’s suitable for everyday wear and will go with any makeup look, especially if you’re doing a dark smokey eye. 

Next is “Shanghai Spice” which is actually for my sister as it’s her favourite. It’s her go-to lipstick, so I thought I would pick up a back up for her. It leans towards a warm nude with abit of pink kind of shade which adds a nice pop of colour to the face without being too BAM! in your face. I think this is an underrated shade because it’s so gorgeous and I think it would suit all skin tones (sorry, I gave it to my sister before I could take a photo but check it out on the MAC website!)

Two years ago, I went to Hong Kong and bought the MAC’s Liquid Eyeliner and legit, it was the best eyeliner I have ever used in my life! It claims to be long-lasting, water proof, smudge proof - basically everything you can think of and let me tell you, it lives up to it’s claims. So when I visited MAC, I knew right then and there I had to buy a new one and I’m so happy that I finally have it again! This eyeliner might be a little hard to work with since it doesn’t dry as quickly as other eyeliners but trust me, when it sets, it won’t budge. I wore this eyeliner to the beach, played in the water and at the end of the day, it was still there. Highly recommended eyeliner. 

I also bought a back up of my well loved Pro Longwear Concealer in NC35 because it is one of my holy grail products, with the exception of my NARS Creamy Radiant Concealer. Amazing full coverage, easily blendable and perfect match for my skin tone. It also doesn’t emphasise dry spots which is a small problem for me during winter as my skin gets dryer. Another highly recommended product if you’re looking for a full coverage concealer. 

Of course I couldn’t just visit MAC and not pick up anything from the Alluring Aquatic collection so I decided to grab the only blush that was available. “Sea Me, Hear Me“ is a deep rosy shade with an embossed 3D effect which looks amazing. I haven’t had the opportunity to swatch it yet but when I do, I’ll let you guys know! I’ve heard great things about this collection so I’m hoping it lives up to the hype :)
Last but not least, my favourite makeup product purchase throughout this whole trip. My fifteen pan Warm Eyeshadow palette which is absolutely gorgeous. This palette added up to I believe $140AUD meaning each individual eyeshadow was $9.30 each! This palette is actually pre-packed already which means I didn’t get to choose the shades but in saying that, I am so so happy with the colour selection because it’s right down my alley. It contains three matte shades, a light beige/cream shade, warm brown which can be used in the crease and also a dark brown to create the perfect smokey eye. The rest contain a little shimmer or have a metallic finish. I think this will be my holy grail eyeshadow palette from now on, I’m so excited to test them out! If you guys would like swatches, please let me know because I would be more than happy to do it.

That concludes the end of my MAC haul, I hope you all enjoyed! Please comment down below if you would like to see any reviews or swatches of anything from this haul and also my previous one (read it here)

Here's a little insight to my trip to KL and Singapore!
  1. Here's me and Thippy on our plane getting ready to take off via Air Asia which I must say is a great airline to fly with. Not much turbulence and also easy landing! So if you're thinking of traveling overseas soon then I recommend them! 
  2. We stayed at a 5 Star Resort in Sepang called Avani Gold Coast Resort (named after the Aussie Gold Coast - how cool) and it was so relaxing, the service and environment is beautiful and I fell in love with KL. I love this resort and definitely recommend anyone who's is visiting KL to stay here for a few days.
  3. The Pavillion was our second home in KL and I am so glad we stayed at a hotel that was legit a 5 minute or less walk away from everything. It's a shopping centre with everything you could ever want! I loved it here and coming back to Melbourne .. sigh, nothing can compare.
  4. There was SO much food at the Pavillion and also a lot of dessert places. I'm not too sure where these macaroons were found but I do know it was in the Pavillion across from Food Republic :)
  5. We also went to Singapore and as you can see, our first stop was Universal Studios! It was so much fun even though it was super hot. We loved the Transformers ride and also the Mummy ride hehe. Oh and the parade was awesome as well!
  6. Random photo of me posing next to a giant Reeses piece ahaha, it was cute and also, the store is friggin massive.
  7. We also visited a fine-dining restaurant while visiting Singapore and it's called JAAN and seriously you guys, best meal I've ever had in my life - hands down .. fine dining wise. It is quite a splurge but everything is so worth it. HIGHLY recommend this restaurant for your next visit!
  8. We also met the chef and owner and his name is Julien Royer! And he also gave us his business card which came out of his wallet .. like omg dat fan girl moment!
  9. Last but not least, how can you not admire the beautiful Patronas Towers in KL? Definitely a highlight of our trip! Loved it :) 
Anyways, there was a little info on our trip! Like I mentioned in my previous post, if you guys have any questions on where I stayed or where to do, just drop a comment and I'll be more than happy to answer them! But until next time, follow me on Twitter for more updates and also the rest of my social media xx


  1. ohhh are mac prices the same price as it is in the us?? we're planning to travel to KL & SG at the end of the year and your photos just make me really exciteddd! would love to know your recommendations for shopping, accom & just general sightseeing (we're probs planning to stay there 3 days at KL & SG each)

    ♥ M&L twoplicates

    1. Hmm MAC prices are quite different, for example a lipstick is $22 compared to being $36 here which I think is awesome! So they are relatively cheaper and I recommend visiting the MAC store in the Pavillion because they have more stock! You guys are gonna have so much fun!

      For KL, stay in Bukit Bintang which is in the middle of the city! I stayed at a hotel named "Izumi Hotel, Bukit Bintang" which was legit a 5 minute walk away from most shopping centres (Lot10, Fahrenheit88 and Pavillion). The hotel is small but very modern and so freaking affordable! I looked a city view (it wasnt a city view but it did have a window! haha) room with a queen size bed for about $60 per night, $30 each between me and my friend! You rarely ever have to take a taxi, because everything is walking distance and the night life is amazing. The city really lights up and I totally recommend walking even at night - don't be afraid! Restaurants can be found on any corner, and also look out for places called "Hawker Markets" which is basically a market full of super cheap food, ranging from $1 to $3! Although the Pavillion is there and basically has everything you could ever ask for, theres also a waterpark called "Sunway Lagoon" which I didn't actually get to visit but I heard it's really fun! But if you don't have time, defs check out their amazing shopping centre called "Sunway Pyramid"! It's like you're in Egypt!

      If you wanna go to markets to buy random souvenir type items, there's a market called "Central Market" which is about a 10 minute bus ride (from Bukit Bintang) and it's also a free bus service! Just ask your hotel lobby where the bus stops are and they'll tell you which bus to take! Next to Central Market is an actual market road filled with heaps of tourist items such as y'know, fake bags, watches, clothes and everything you can ever think of! Even a fake UD Naked Palette! Hahahah but anyways it's called "Petaling Street" which is legit right across, you can even see it whilst on the bus! Wow this comment is long but I think I've covered the basics! OH! Also remember, when you get to KL Airport (most likely you'll land in KLIA2), when you go to the taxi services there are these little booths and some are them are like "coupon taxis", "regular taxis" etc, I recommend buying a coupon taxi meaning it's prepaid instead of drivers using metres. It doesn't really matter if they do BUT coupon taxis have better cars hahahaha :D

    2. hhahaha thanks for spending the time and effort into recommending all these for us :D will definitely be keeping these in mind xx

    3. No worries at all! I hope you girls are going, it's gonna be so exciting!


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