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Thursday, 19 June 2014

Hi friends! I AM BACK FROM MALAYSIA AND SINGAPORE! It's good to be back to the blogging world, I've missed you guys! So I've recently come home from a two week vaykay with my one of my girl friends, Thip, and we bought SO much stuff I don't even know where to begin. Of course I have a massive beauty haul for you guys (and also some fashion pieces too!) I’m loving everything I bought on the trip and everything was well worth the price. Before leaving to Kuala Lumpur, I was researching on what to expect at Sephora in Starhill Gallery as that was my first pit stop! Many reviewers said it was small but decent enough to carry all the beloved brands such as Urban Decay, Tarte, Smashbox, Too Faced, NYX etc - and I think I agree with them. Although, I won’t go into any detail about the layout of the store now but if you have any questions, feel free to drop a comment below! Now let’s get into this exciting haul! 
Like I said, my first stop was Sephora and to be honest, I didn’t go as crazy as I thought I would. Not because the store was small or anything, I think it was because after actually swatching and trying out the products I originally wanted, I either didn’t like the texture or consistency or pigmentation. Even so, I did still spend quite a bit! Let’s start off with my more expensive products - Marc Jacobs Collection. I picked up two blushes, one in “Promiscuous“ and another in “Tantalizing“. Both blushes swatched beautifully on my hand so hopefully it will look great on my cheeks as well! “Tantalizing“ is more of a classic pink blush with a little shimmer, barely noticeable and “Promiscuous“ has more of a deeper, berry pink tone which I think will be great for the winter time now in Melbourne. An exciting product that I also picked up from this line is Marc Jacobs Genius Gel Foundation which I’ve heard so much about through YouTube and bloggers. There’s not much I can say about it yet but I can’t wait to try it out and give you guys an update!
I came into Sephora having an eye on the Urban Decay Naked 3 but after looking at the colours and swatching them, I felt like I didn’t need it. BUT! What I did pick up is the Cannonball Mascara that Jen (frmheadtotoe) raves about ALL THE TIME! She says it has a great formula and also wand which helps to lengthen and volumize lashes that grow straight down and are sparse. I’ve tried this mascara once while I was overseas but still need to try it again to see how I feel about it.
I had to pick up another Stila Stay All Day Eyeliner since it’s become my new favourite eyeliner (read my review here). It was cheaper than it is back home so I thought, what the heck, why not get a back up! 
I’ve always wanted to try Tarte Cosmetics but it’s hard to access here, even online! So when I saw the Tarte counter, I flipped and ran to it because it was THAT exciting. I was tossing between MUFE HD Foundation or Tarte’s 12 Hour Amazonian Foundation but decided to pick up none, ha! Again like other products, I swatched and tried their products on my face and didn’t like how they turned out BUT I did pick up a little tube of the Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara! Although it’s not waterproof, I’m excited to try this out! And hey, it was only like .. $7AUD. Now I understand when beauty gurus complain about the little stands Sephora has at their check out counters, it just makes you wanna buy them all!
Last but not least from Sephora, I picked up the Too Faced Blogger Darlings set which includes their famous Chocolate Soleil Bronzer, Prime and Poreless Face Primer, Shadow Insurance and Better Than Sex (what a name) mascara. I think it’s a great kit to go traveling with especially cause all the products are sample sizes, but they give a decent amount in my opinion. Through experience, I think Too Faced produces the best products whether its eyeshadows, lip cremes or blushes. All their products are commendable. 
I have never seen a NARS store in my life and it was so exciting to see one at the Pavilion in KL. While browsing through the store, Thip and I noticed a package at the front of the store which contained the Translucent Pressed Powder, Orgasm Blush, a choice of an eyeshadow duo which I got in the shades "Madrague" and a lipgloss also in the colour Orgasm. It also had sample sizes of the Smudgeproof Eyeshadow Primer and also a face primer. All of this added up to $150AUD which is a steal considering one NARS blush from Mecca Maxima is already $59AUD.

Well I hope you guys have enjoyed reading my haul! I may or may not have a sneaky MAC haul coming up as well, tell me what you guys think! My trip to KL and Singapore was amazing and for anyone that is traveling to these countries, they are absolutely beautiful and I highly recommend to shop until you drop in KL! The people and hospitality are genuine and the food stores are delicious! If you would like more info on where to go/stay in these places, feel free to drop a comment! Please follow me on my social media, especially Twitter because I tweet .. alot. Talk to you guys soon! xx


  1. do you reckon makeup shopping is better in KL or SG? i know both have sephora but just wondering if theres a price difference.....

    and WHAT a lovely haul. my eyes were drooling & half the stuff you got is definitely on my wishlist :D cant wait to hear you review on the marc jacobs foundation!

    ♥ M&L twoplicates

    1. Hi girls! I definitely recommend shopping in KL because everything is MUCH cheaper compared to SG. SG in my opinion match Australian prices because of its economy so seriously buy everything you can in KL and visit Singapore for things like Universal Studios, Orchard Rd, etc. Sephora in both places are relatively the same but KL has less stock, especially at Starhill Gallery so it might be hard to find some products like the Too Faced Chocolate Bar whereas Singapore has HEAPS of stock but of course at a higher price :(

      Yes I can't wait for you guys to visit KL because it's so friggin' awesome, I want to go back :(

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