Swatch/Review: The Balm 'Instain' Blush in Toile

Monday, 26 August 2013

Hello beauties, welcome back to my page! Today I will be doing a simple swatch post on the new 'Instain' blush from The Balm in the shade Toile! This product recently hit the shelves at David Jones and I was really keen in trying them out because they received some pretty great reviews from the lovely Emily from Beauty Broadcast (watching her videos make me want to buy everything!)

This blush comes in six different shades varying from bright pinks to deep plums. Although there aren't many shades, I think there is a shade for all skin tones whether you're fair, natural or dark. The shades are: Argle (Petal Pink), Swiss Dot (Peach), Toile (Strawberry), Lace (Bright Pink), Houndstooth (Mauve) and Pinstripe (Plum).
First of all, don't you just adore the packaging and print? I love how it's a representation of a magazine, it's definitely eye catching. It is packaged in The Balm's original hard cardboard casing and small enough to throw into your travel bag. From the name of this line, you can already sense that it is a long wearing blush but what made me want to buy this is that it is a powder. I know what you're thinking, can a powder really stain like liquid or cream products and let me tell you, yes it can.
I picked up the shade 'Toile' which is a beautiful rosy pink colour with no shimmer. It's a matte finish and is also crazy pigmented so I suggest using a light hand when applying it. Remember, less is more! This product retailed at David Jones from $27.95 which is about the same as their Hot Mama, Frat Boy etc blushes. I love this colour as it's wearable, not too 'in your face' and has good staying power. I wouldn't say it's the best staying powder but it can last you a good 7-9 hours depending on what you're doing. It comes with 5.5g of product so this will last you FOREVER because it's so pigmented.
As you can see, it's a matte finish but my flash seems to give it a little sheen. I think it's a great everyday cheek colour which you could quickly apply and run out the door. I actually think you can use this as an eyeshadow as well! (Like this post if you love using products that are versatile!)

Overall, I'm liking this blush and interested in trying out some of their other shades. If you guys are interested in this blush as well, check your closest David Jones or you can find their shades on The Balm website (click here to be taken directly to the page)

Comment down below what you would like to see on my page! Also tell me if you've tried any of the 'Instain' blushes and if you like them or not!


  1. Gorgeous shade.
    I've never tried their blushes but this post has really perked my interest.
    Who doesn't love blushes that have amazing stay powder?!

    1. Definitely check out all the shades from this line and from their original collection! The colours are all so gorgeous and yes, I love long lasting products!

  2. TheBalm definitely rivals Benefit for cute packaging!
    I haven't tried the InStain blushes yet, but they've been on my radar for a while now! (And all the other regular powder blushes, heh)

    Vanessa | Citron and Guavaberry ʘ‿ʘ | Makeup & Silly things

  3. I have never tried their products before. Thanks for the post! Really sparked my interest!

    By the way, we nominated you for the Liebster Award on our blog! We would love it if you would check it out and answer the questions! Thank you! :)

    1. Oh thank you so much! I hope you enjoy my blog and pick up some of the Instain blushes soon because they're amazing!


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