Swatches: The Balm 'Shady Lady' Eyeshadow Palette and 'Hot Mama' Blush

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Welcome back to my page darlings, hope you've been well! David Jones is having a sweet deal on The Balm cosmetics at the moment and I got my hands on two goodies! The deal is that if you spend $27.95 or more on the brand, you will receive a 'Shady Lady' eyeshadow palette for free which is at a $49.95 value! What a bargain! The 'Hot Mama' Blush is valued at exactly $27.95 so both products were only $14 each. You can't beat that, especially because The Balm is quite expensive in Australia.

I've been eyeing the Hot Mama blush for a very long time because of Emily Noel from Beauty Broadcast! Every time I walked past the stand I couldn't resist swatching the blush but walked away because of the price. The Shady Lady palette was a bonus but I never really looked at the eyeshadows since they were quite shimmery and metallic but once I bought it, each colour really caught my eye. So let's jump right into the swatches shall we?

The palette comes with nine beautiful eyeshadows ranging from shimmery browns, pinks and greens to blue, purple and black metallic colours. There's no matte shades which is a downside for me but I still really like the colours and palette itself.

The shadows feel very smooth and buttery when swatched and blended out. I really enjoy the texture of the shadows created from The Balm because there is barely any fall out and the colours are crazy pigmented!

Lusty Lee is a silvery shimmer shade.
Envious Erin is a frosty white shade with shimmer.
Racy Kacy is an amazing deep bronze shade with shimmer.
Safe Bet is a frosty baby pink shade.
Runaround Rebecca is a muted green shade with little shimmer.
Come-Hither Heather is a light metallic purple shade.
Open to Offers Olwen is a deep blue metallic shade.
All the Way Annie is a dark metallic purple shade.
Guilty Gwen is a very shimmery black shade with hints on shimmer.

Hot Mama (such a cute name) is a beautiful pink toned blush with hints of gold shimmer, which I think is flattering on all skin types.
Again, the texture of the blush is very smooth with little fall out. I really love this colour and it's so pigmented, a little does go a long way.

That's the end of my post guys! I hope you enjoyed and thank you for reading.

Please comment down below if you have any products from The Balm that you would recommend!

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