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Monday, 20 May 2013

Good evening my lovelies! (It's currently evening in Australia right now) It sure has been awhile huh? Or at least to me it feels like awhile since I have last blogged. So I promised you guys a fashion post ASAP so here it is! So about .. two weeks ago, my friends Jen introduced to an online website called TOBI. I. Was. Obsessed! Everything was cheap, had amazing designs and styles and it suited me so well so I went a little crazy with the things I ordered.

- On a side note, I won't be taking pictures of my pieces due to not having the right camera or lighting so I will be taking pictures directly from the TOBI website. None of these pictures are mine unless stated. -

My first piece is called the "Caged Caprica Crop Top" which comes in two colours: Black and Red. I purchased mine in Black but thinking back to it now, I wish I had gotten red because it look god, damn sexy!

The straps create a 'cage' like effect on the front and back of the top, leaving it looking edgy but almost sexy and eye-catching at the same time. It has a sweet-heart neck line for you 'twins' to peek out a little, hehe. I am absolutely in love with this top because it can be worn to a romantic dinner with your partner or to a night out clubbing with your girlfriends. Definitely a lovely piece for the 'Monochrome' trend which is being seen on celebrities and also in-store and online fashion businesses.

Next piece is for all you ♥ lovers out there, it is called the "Heart Backs Crop Top" and I think it is insanely cute.

Yeah yeah, buying something because it's cute isn't even a legit reason but, I really do think it's a fun piece to dress up or down, whether pairing it with high-waisted shorts or a tight skirt, I think its quite a versatile top which is one of the reasons why I bought it. It has a V-shaped neck line but isn't cut too low to expose your breasts so don't worry! At the back has a large, heart cut shape showing your back. I suggest either wearing Nipple Dimplers or a bra that sticks onto your breasts. Wearing a normal bra will just ruin the look of this top and that's not what you want! Again, I also bought the top in Black.

Here is the "Chasing Ruffles Crop Top" (I know, I love crop tops) The colour of this top is beautiful! It yells Spring/Summer even though it's starting to become Winter in Australia I couldn't resist.

My favorite part of this top is definitely the ruffles on the arms, I reckon it makes the top from a basic crop top to chic. A little ruffle in my life ain't that bad, especially when it looks as nice as this. I can't wait to wear this with high-waisted shorts or skirts during summer and hanging out on the beach (I'm literally dreaming because it's so cold right now!) 

Onto the skirts, the first piece is called the "Scuba Flare Skirt" which is your typical skater skirt I guess you could call it.

First off, I absolutely adore the colour of this skirt. It is close to a Tiffany colour box to the minty side. I bought mine in Size S and it fits true to size and sits comfortably. It is high-waisted and a really eye-catching piece when worn with the right colours and textures. What the model is wearing is really something I would wear, simple yet chic. Love it ;)

My favorite, the "Slant Cut Skirt".

It looks like a normal high-waisted skirt with .. a little twist. Obviously you guys can tell that it's asymmetrical at the front which slightly exposes a little more skin. The design is gorgeous and could also become a staple in my wardrobe! I can't wait to wear this out. Oh and I forgot to mention, the back of the skirt is normal, so no slant cuts or anything.

Last but not least, how can I leave an online store without any shoes? They're called the "MIA Ashley Tipped Flats".

I can't tell you guys HOW LONG I've been trying to find Black metal toe capped flats with an ankle strap! You can't imagine how wrapped I was when I found these babies, and what makes it even better was that it was on SALE! No one can walk past a sale. I bought them in a 7.5 and they fit pretty true to size. The shoe itself is made out of synthetic suede on the outside and faux leather on the inside. I really do like the look of these shoes on, they match with all outfits and were generally a great buy. I might buy myself another pair in case my current pair get ruined, hehe.

Overall, I like the quality of Tobi's items, they're durable and hopefully will last me for awhile. Their prices are decent and their shipping is amazing ($10 flat rate!) I would definitely buy from them again, it took about a day to process my order, following day shipping and arrived in about a little over a week! I love online shops like this.

So ladies, like what you see? Head over to right now, sign up and get 50% off your first order! You can also get another 50% off by inviting 5 friends to join Tobi through Facebook so get on it!

I hoped you enjoyed this fashion post, I will be doing 'Outfit of the Day' with some of these pieces soon!

Until next time, xx
Nina Ngo 

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