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Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Hey there lovelies, long time no post aye? I'm extremely sorry about the lack of posts, work and social life is taking over and I didn't have any time to blog! But hopefully I'll become more consistent with my posts and keep all my readers entertained.

Anyways, lets get straight into it shall we?

Bubzbeauty (as you all should know) released her second line of make-up brushes on the 20th of May, 2013! I was so excited when she announced the date for the brushes, I couldn't wait for them to come out. I purchased them straight away when her website was available and it took me 45 minutes to check out my order, it was that crazy haha. So I bought them on the release date and it came exactly one week later (that's some fast shipping, I know!)

I won't be reviewing all the brushes today because Bubzbeauty will probably make a detailed video on them soon BUT I will be reviewing my favorite brushes (for now) from the Complete Kit.

Here it is at first glance. The leather pouch is covered with a cardboard sleeve, detailing information about the brushes from face to eyes and also has an eye-capturing picture of the complete set on the front. From her previous make-up brushes, they weren't packaged professionally as they are now. I'm glad that they upgraded it cause it looks and feels great!

(Excuse the poor photo)
There are 12 brushes all together but if you include the double-sided brushes, they basically equal to 14 brushes in total. The leather roll/pouch is definitely handy if you are the one to travel back and forth and need a secure place to leave your brushes. Even if you don't travel a lot, it's good to have it anyway hehe.

From left to right:
1. Dual Eyes Brush
2. Dual Cover Brush
3. Detail Brush
4. Smudge Brush
5. Shader Brush
6. Crease Brush
7. Eye Contour Brush
8. HD Flawless Brush
9. Dome Brush
10. Sculpting Brush
11. Powder Brush
12. Buffer Brush

This is the Bubbi Buffer Brush. It is commonly used to buff in powder and cream make-up. I personally like to use this to buff in my pressed powder to set my foundation/BB Cream, it works like a dream. It's really soft and also dense meaning it picks up a lot of product. I also love the size of this brush too, hehe.

The Bubbi Dual Cover Brush is another favorite. On one side is used to apply foundation and on the other end is used to apply concealer! The bristles on this brush is amazing, so so soft and applies liquid foundation so easily. I actually haven't tried the concealer end yet but I intend to soon! It looks promising. But I recommend this brush, definitely!

I think this is my most favorite brush out of the entire set. It is the Bubbi Powder Brush (sorry about the dirty brush, I haven't washed this one yet .. hehe) I love how it applies my powder; it picks up the right amount of product and again, really, really soft.

Last face brush! This is the Bubbi Dome Brush and I've used this to apply bronzer and blush. This brush is made out of natural bristles which makes the brush extra soft. It's tapered at the end which makes applying contour easier. It can also be used for blush and highlighter, giving the face a flawless finish.

The Bubbi Blending Brush is used in the crease of the eye to blend out eyeshadow or apply contour to the crease. It's also perfect to apply highlight about the cheekbones or on the brow bone. Don't let the name of the brush keep you from using it for other purposes guys!

Last brush is the Bubbi Detail Brush. I used this the other day to smudge eyeliner on my waterline and it did a great job! I'm impressed with this brush, it's also made out of natural bristles too.

That's it for this post everyone! I hope you guys enjoyed. I will be posting more frequently :)

Tell me if you've tried any of the Bubbi brushes or if you're thinking of buying any of them.

Until next time,
Nina Ngo 


  1. I've been really interested in the fluffy blending brush for a while now, thank you for your review! It was really helpful :)

    1. No worries lovely! Hopefully you'll like it as much as I do :)))

  2. The brushes are really cute (kinda reminds me of the Two Faced ones), but I'm really looking forward to a review of how they perform and hold up!

    Vanessa | Citron and Guavaberry | Makeup & Silly things

    1. Oh yeah they kinda do look like the Two Faced ones! Can't wait to see what you think of them ^____^


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