Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Happy Valentines Day loves! It's a little early but who cares, it's better to say it earlier than later! I know Valentines Day isn't a big deal and should be treated like any other regular day but there's nothing wrong with showing a little more love, appreciation and excitement to your partner. In today's post, I'll be giving you guys my top recommendations of gifts for Him and Her ranging from varying prices. No you don't need to buy her a Chanel handbag and no, you don't need to buy him a new LV Wallet! Just some simple, quirky yet practical items that your partner might need or want. Let's get straight into it! These gifts won't be in any particular order.

  1. My first recommendation would be is definitely a bouquet of flowers. Now I know it's a no brainer but flowers are just a really simple, yet thoughtful as it represents beauty. Flowers in my opinion, is a great example where perfection is found and beauty is appreciated. It's a small gift, but nothing says 'You're beautiful' like a lovely bouquet of flowers.
  2. A polaroid camera like the Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 is a great gift for the photography lovers in your life. It takes instant photos and fits perfectly into the little window display in your wallet. It's perfect for creating memories with your partner, friends and family and comes in a variety of colours such as black, white, blue and pink. Did I mention that the photo film itself also comes in a variety of different background and frames?! My favourite is the Marvel ones! You can order them from Ebay for cheap!
  3. Speaking of the polaroid camera, if you're not a fan of instant photos and prefer something like a GoPro or digital camera, Polaroid has released their new (at least I think they're new) CUBE Action Camera which is basically like a GoPro as it records in 1080p but half the size. It has many more features that I won't mention here but you can purchase them on Urban Outfitters along with other accessories which go with the Cube Action Camera!
  4. My next recommendation is a Clarisonic Mia. All girls love beauty and skincare items and a Clarisonic is a great edition to any girls skincare routine. It helps to cleanse the skin, reduce the look of pores, fades out blemishes and imperfections and much more. It's a little pricey but I think it's worth the investment, especially if you see results and I'm sure any woman would love it.
  5. When I think of accessories, I think the most universal gift is a watch! Watches look great on both men and women and the perfect essential if you're looking to class up an outfit. The conveniency of checking the time on our phones is much easier but sometimes it's better to have a watch so you're not distracted by something else. I'm a fan of Daniel Wellington watches - they're very chic and simple with a classic face suitable for both men and women.
  6. To all the fitness fanatics out there, a FitBit Charge HR is the perfect gadget/accessory whatever you want to call it to keep track of your heart rate, steps, sleeping pattern and much more. It's has a slim and sleek design which can also be used as a watch and also connects to your phone and display incoming callers. It's a little pricey but if your partner is the type who's interested in keeping track of their fitness progress then I recommend it!
  7. A gift card might not be the most thoughtful gift but it's the most practical. Everyone loves to shop, and giving them a gift voucher is like giving them a credit card just with a smaller limit. I would say if you were really stuck on a gift then I definitely recommend this. Both men and women will appreciate you paying attention to the stores they love and shop at so don't hesitate and think he/she won't like it. I'm sure he/she would love the feeling of choosing her own gift.

Those are my picks for Valentines Day gifts, I hope I've given you some inspiration on what you gift your partner! I bought my boyfriend clothes but I would definitely buy him one of the items above because they're all really great. Let me know what you're secretly wanting for V-Day in the comments! Until next time, follow me on my social media for more updates! FacebookTwitterInstagram and Bloglovin' :3

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