Benefit Boxed Blush in 'Rockateur' | Review

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Benefit Cosmetics wins the award for the cutest packaging on blushes because it's different from other companies. I love the look and feel of boxed blushes (like from The Balm) because it's creative, stores the product neatly and just great to look at and store in your vanity. Several months back, I ordered the Benefit Rockateur blush in my Custom Benefit Kit (read it here) and was so excited for it to arrive since it was described as a rose toned blush with subtle gold shimmer. I am a shimmery blush kind of girl because it adds a beautiful flush to the cheeks and also a glow to the cheek bones. The box is detailed in lace with the colours yellow and pink. It retails for $23USD on their website (not including shipping) and $53AUD at the Benefit Counter in Myer.

With it's beautiful embossed print in the blush, it's a product that you don't even want to touch/use since it's so pretty and you don't want to ruin it. That was my reaction at the start but I couldn't help myself. When I first opened the boxed, I could smell a strong hint of roses which made it .. delightful! It was quite a surprise but I'm sure you guys would like it as well. It's a rose toned, mauve coloured blush which is perfect for everyday wear as it goes with any look. My first impression when applying this blush was the pigmentation, a little goes a long way and for the price that it's at, I'm happy with this blush since it will last me for awhile. Staying power varies depending on what foundation/base you've applied, if I was wearing a foundation such as the L'Oreal True Match foundation, the blush is still visible after 6-7 hours, but if I was to wear the Maybelline Fit Me Stick Foundation, it varies from 4-6 hours.
Overall, I would recommend this blush if you're into the whole rose toned, neutral kind of blush because it suits every look, whether its a bold eye, soft lip or the other way around. I highly recommend to buy the Rockateur on Benefit's website because it's much cheaper and if you're interested in making a Custom Kit, this blush could be included!

Hope you guys enjoyed my review! Comment down below if you've tried this blush or any of their other boxed blushes! I have my eye on the Dandelion one next! Remember to follow me on my social networking sites to keep updated! xx

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