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Thursday, 27 March 2014

I've been really enjoying Stila's "In The Light" eyeshadow palette (read my review here) and since then I've jumped on the Stila bandwagon and picked up their Stay All Day Eyeliner in Black which is raved about on YouTube and the blogosphere. I bought this at the Mecca Maxima counter for $32AUD which is mind-blowing for such a small product! Haha. It comes in a range of colours, from black to pink to teal and all swatches of them look absolutely gorgeous, it makes me want to purchase more but my first impression of this eyeliner wasn't a great experience. But before we get into the formula, let's talk about their claims and also the exterior.

This product claims that 'this waterproof liquid liner glides on with ease, won't smudge or run, and stays in place until you say when. The thin marker-like tip is easy to use even for the least experienced, and delivers a defined thin line to a dramatic bold line with precision. Goes on smoothly without skipping, smudging, or pulling, and lasts all day.' according to Mecca Maxima. 

Like any typical pen-style eyeliner, the product is incased in a hard plastic tube and comes with 0.5ml of product. It is a felt-tip eyeliner but the tip is a little longer than what I prefer, comparing it to Maybelline's Master Precise Eyeliner (read my review here) but as you keep using it, it gets easier and easier. My first impression of this product was "WOW, the pigmentation of this eyeliner is excellent" but this was coming from just having it swatched on my hand. It's a different story when I applied it onto my eyes, and from there it went a little downhill. I noticed during the first few hours of wear time with this eyeliner that it liked to slip and slide a lot, having naturally oily eyelids, this wasn't ideal for me. Since then, I have tried my luck with this eyeliner, hoping that it would work well for me as it did for others and then I found a solution! With the help of my trusty Stay Don't Stray eye primer from Benefit and Foxy eyeshadow from the Naked 2 palette as a base shade, my eyeliner doesn't slip and slide anymore.

This eyeliner glides on the eyes with ease and having sensitive eyes, this didn't affect my eyes at all! I wouldn't say it 'stays on all day' because it does start to smudge towards the end of the day if you were wearing your makeup for over 7-8 hours. I also think my asian monolids is a small reason to why it smudges on me but if you have naturally beautiful eyes with a natural eye fold then I wouldn't see why you would have a problem with it! I would recommend this eyeliner if you're just generally interested in testing out a new eyeliner.

I hope you guys enjoyed my review, have you tried this eyeliner? What are your thoughts on it? Please feel free to follow me on my social networking sites! Would mean the world to me, xx


  1. At first I didn't love this eyeliner but overtime once a got the hang of it a grew to love it and it's now one of my faves! Such a shame that it didn't work well for you, but one that is similar (and much cheaper) that works quite well is the Maybelline Master Precise, you should try it if you haven't already!

    Chantalle x

    1. Oh no I'm definitely loving it now since I know how to make it work with my eyelids! But yes I've used both eyeliners and they're really comparable! Glad you love the Stila Eyeliner too! :)

  2. Hey Nina. Looking for a comparison between the Stila and the Maybelline one. Whats your take :)

  3. Hey love! I would totally recommend both eyeliners as they're both comparable, it just depends on how much you're willing to spend. I love the Maybelline Master Precise eyeliner because it's affordable, has a short felt tip and easy to apply. The downfall of the eyeliner is the pigmentation, I noticed that I would have to go over the line maybe 2-3 times to get the desired opacity, but in saying that I still believe it's a great eyeliner.

    Stila on the other hand is a wonderful eyeliner and works well on top of a primer! As I mentioned in this post, I use Benefit's Stay Don't Stray eye primer with Foxy (or any cream shadow) to set it and then apply the eyeliner and it won't budge! With both eyeliners, if you do get watery eyes or are wearing this to an event where it requires long wear then I wouldn't recommend these eyeliners but would tell you to travel a MAC Pro counter and pick up the Pro Longwear Liquid Eyeliner. That product is GOD SENT!

    I'm sorry if this comment is alittle full on .. haha! But thank you for your comment! Tell me which one you end up choosing! xx


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