Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation | Review

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Rimmel Stay Matte Mousse Foundation | Review 
Hey friends, I'm back to do a review on another foundation! I've been trying out the new Stay Matte Mousse Foundation for several weeks now and finally I can give you my honest opinion on it. If you guys haven't seen this foundation in stores yet, it's now available at Priceline and Chemist Warehouse. I picked it up at Chemist Warehouse when it was first released which retailed for $7.97. My shade is in 200 Soft Beige, just in case you guys were wondering.
Let's talk about the packaging, it's quite simple, nothing out of the ordinary. A basic squeeze tube with a screw off cap; easy to dispense product and can control how much you want to dispense. Not as handy as a pump but it's better than nothing! Onto the actual formula .. I haven't tried their original Stay Matte Foundation so I don't really have anything to compare it to but I would say it lives up to what it claims on their website and bottle. 

I have oily to combination skin so using a matte foundation is a thumbs up for me. When testing out this foundation on my skin, it felt insanely lightweight, looked quite natural and applied seamlessly onto the skin. If you guys have tried any Rimmel foundations, you would know that they don't have a large variety of shades in their line, which may be difficult for people to choose their correct shade. I chose a shade that was a little too pink for my skin tone but I think adding a darker powder over it might do the trick. I think the lighting in stores are a little deceiving because it might look like you've chosen the right shade but really it's just the lighting.
When I first tested out this foundation, I could see that it clings on to dry areas, emphasising dry patches of skin. I bought this foundation during Winter when my skin was fairly dry and boy, was I wrong using this foundation. I could see dry patches around my nose and it was terrible! So to my dry skin darlings out there, I would definitely not recommend this foundation for you.

Coverage wise, it's surprising how much this covers. I don't have the worst skin but I do have redness around my cheeks and nose and this had no problems covering it. I think it's buildable to a medium to high medium coverage which is enough for me. Although this is a matte foundation, I still preferred to put a setting powder on top and I do think it helped add a little more coverage.

I wore it for approximately 6-8 hours and throughout the day, my face look great and didn't feel oily at all. About the 7-8 hour margin, I felt my skin getting oily and shiny which in my opinion, is pretty good since I don't wear foundation for more than 9-10+ hours. My blush was still visible and I could still see the foundation intact.

Overall, I do like this foundation but if Rimmel was to come out with more shade selections, I would LOVE it. I think it's very user friendly in terms of packaging and is great for people for oily skin. 

Have you tried this foundation? Tell me what you think in the comments below!


  1. I have tried this and actually absolutely loved it! Agree that it would be hard to find the right colour and I think mine is just slightly too dark... but still amazing!! :D

    Sofia X


    1. I knoww! I really wish they would come out with a better shade selection! Nonetheless, I will still try and work with it hehehe


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