Australis 'Tint My Brow' Brow Tint | Review

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Good morning/afternoon/night my lovely readers, welcome back to my blog! I will be reviewing the new Australis 'Tint My Brow' Brow Tint that just recently landed on the shelves of Priceline and Big W! I was really excited to hear this product getting released as it seems like a dupe for Benefit's new 'Gimme Brows' which I was ABOUT to get! They are exactly the same concept but the price tag is quite different. I picked up the Australis Brow Tint at Big W for I believe $9.95 and the Benefit Brow Tint is a whopping $22. Although Benefit comes out with amazing products such as their foundations and blushes, I think the price of the brow tint is a little much for such a small product (but this is just my opinion, I haven't actually tried it for myself yet!).

Australis hasn't labelled how much product there is in it but I can say it's roughly the same size of my pinky! But considering that there's only so much product you can put on your brows, it's enough to last you for awhile. It comes in three shades: Blonde, Light Brown and Dark Brown and I picked mine up in Blonde. It is described to be a lightweight formula which I can agree with because you only need a little product to fill in and define your brows. The texture is creamy and the consistency is liquid-y (not overly though) yet dries to a matte finish which leaves the brows looking very natural. It looks as if you have just filled your eyebrows in with a brow pencil!
The concept of this product looks exactly like a mascara which is very handy for when you're on the go as it's compact and you know it won't untwist in your make up bag and go all over the place. It's super easy to use as you just need to swipe and brush it through your brows, like how you would use a spoolie brush to blend out your brow product! I am really loving this product because it's just so convenient in filling in my brows on days where I just wanna quickly apply my makeup and run out the door. It's pigmented, affordable and quick so if you've been eyeing the Benefit 'Gimme Brows', I suggest trying out this bad boy first!

That's the end of my post, I hope you all enjoyed reading! More posts coming your way soon, so make sure to stay tuned!

Comment down below if you've tried this product already or are interested in purchasing it!

(This is me using the product on my brows!)


  1. Oh I didn't know that Australis made a brow tints! haha
    I have always used korean eyebrow mascaras cos they've always sold them haha does this tint dry to a waxy formula after application?

    1. Haha it was just recent that they came out with brow tints! This tint dries to a matte formula, leaving it looking very natural and doesn't appear waxy at all!


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