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Monday, 22 July 2013

Hey hey hey there bloggers! About one week ago, my friend Nhi from Sincerely Blushaholic and I placed an order at ikatehouse and I thought I'd purchase the E.LF Custom Compact from the crazy good reviews from Emily @ Beauty Broadcast

So this little palette is basically like a Z-Palette where you can buy single eyeshadows and put them in as opposed to leaving them in their pot. The palette allows four single eyeshadows to be put in and believe me, four is all you need if you can find the right colours! The E.L.F website offers a large variety of colours ranging from warm browns to bright blues and greens to dark black. The palette itself costs $1.99! (WHAT A BARGAIN, I KNOW!)
So here are the four eyeshadows that I picked out and guess what? They were only ... -drum roll- .. $1 each! Yes guys, I said it! How amazing is that? I love each of the colours I picked out but I'm sad because ikatehouse doesn't stock all the colours so I had to settle for the warm tones.

So under each eyeshadow, theres a small magnetic piece that helps the eyeshadow stick to the pan of the palette. They also come with a small sticker saying which shade they are which is handy! So from left to right, I picked up Ivory which is a frosty white/beige colour which to me .. is a LITTLE bit powdery but I do like the colour. Pink Ice is a soft pink colour, nothing more I can say about it! Haha. My favourite shade out of the palette is Wheat which is a beautiful bronze colour which slight shimmer. And the last shade is Driftwood which is deep brown colour which again, has a little shimmer. I think these would be the perfect shades to create a brown smokey eye.

Left to Right - Ivory, Pink Ice, Wheat and Driftwood
Ivory and Pink Ice look kind of similar when swatched but they are lovely colours. Overall, Ivory and Pink Ice are a little bit powdery compared to Wheat and Driftwood.

So that's the end of my swatch post, I hope you guys enjoyed! Such a great bargain for good quality items and I do recommend them if you guys are interested in them.

Like any of the colours? Comment down below telling me which one is your fave!

Until next time, xx
Nina Ngo 

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