Monthy Favourites | September 2014

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

WELCOME TO THE MONTH OF OCTOBER my lovely readers! September is officially gone and I'm welcoming October with open arms. Can you believe that it's less than like 100 days until Christmas and New Years? Hard to believe but yup, it's almost that time of the year! Anyways, here's another monthly faves from yours truly. I've discovered some new and old favourites so hopefully you enjoy and don't hesitate to share yours in the comments below. Let's get started!

If you don't follow my Instagram (@ninashausofmakeup), I've been on a NARS spending spree this month and have picked up quite a few products will you'll see in this months favourites. So naturally so I purchased the most products from one brands, I'm going to start off with the NARS Laguna Bronzer. I was always so skeptical about purchasing this bronzer because I heard mixed reviews but finally decided against negative reviews and bought it based on my own thoughts and swatches rather than trusting others and believe me, I'm so glad I did because I love it. In the pan, you can expect to see a slight sheen to it as it's a satin finish but barely noticable when applied to the skin. It's a great warm toned bronzer which adds warmth to the face whilst sculpting out and playing up your features. (I also forgot to take a photo .. woops! Haha)
Speaking of bronzers, we can't forget about the blush! NARS Orgasm fits perfectly into this category. I've been using and abusing this blush this month and really loving the Laguna and Orgasm combo. It adds a perfect amount of glow and colour to the cheeks with its pink, rose gold tones and really compliments any eye or lip look. I think this blush is another hit or miss, many people love it but there are some who think it's nothing special but I really adore this blush but I think a cheaper alternative for Orgasm is Rose Gold from Sleek Makeup which is available online.

Here's another blush .. it's the NARS Torrid blush which is a lovely pink with a little golden shimmer, similar to Orgasm but less shimmery and a little deeper. I just love the soft focus of the blush and how it adds just the slightest bit of glow. It's so easy to apply and to blend, it's a no brainer kind of blush! I love wearing this on days where I just need to quickly get out the house.

Again if you don't follow me on Instagram, I recently purchased the NARS Ita Brush at Mecca for $74! Now I know it's a ridiculously expensive brush but it's well worth the price because I'M IN LOVE WITH IT. I'm personally a blush type of gal because I couldn't find the right brush to apply my contour. I found that all the brushes I owned, it couldn't give me a defined, sculpted look but after having this brush in my life, my bronzer/contour game has changed and yes, for the better! I love the soft, defined look it gives and how it's not too dense, making it easier to blend out the product. I feel that with a really densely packed brush, it's alittle harder to blend out harsh lines.
ANOTHER NARS PRODUCT? Yes it's another product from NARS and it's the Radiant Creamy Concealer which we've all heard about. I love this concealer since day one and it hasn't let me down. Great coverage, easy application, great shade selection and just an awesome formula. I recently reviewed this product in a previous post so if you wanna know more, check out my review!

Next fave goes to a MAC lipstick! I picked up the shade 'Shy Girl' after receiving a recommendation from one of the girls at the counter, promising me that it was her favourite shade and that it would look gorgeous with my skin tone. And funnily enough, I snapped it up right away and have been in love ever since. It's a really pretty peach nude which adds the tiniest amount of colour to the lips without making you look washed out. I don't wear peach nude lipsticks often because I could never find the perfect one until now! I'm about an NC30 skin tone but I think it will suit fairer and darker skin as well :)

Last but not least, it's again from MAC but it's their Pro Longwear Concealer which I absolutely ADORE. I think the formulation of this concealer is amazing, the consistency is a little thick but does so well at covering inperfections, scarring, dark spots etc and the shade matches me perfectly. I don't use this concealer to highlight so I generally use it to cover up any flaws and then allows me to skip the foundation. It's neatly packed in a little glass bottle (which post people hate cos they break so easily) and also a pump which I hate! I never thought I could hate a product with a pump on it but this concealer in particular just dispenses too much at one time. It takes practice to pump out the precise amount you want but if you're still new, don't press down too hard or it's gonna get messy!

That's the end of it guys, I promise that this post isn't sponsored but NARS or MAC, I have just been really enjoying their products this month and everything has been bought with my own money! Just thought I would let ya'll know!

Anyways, I would love to know you favourites for the month, just drop 'em down in the comments below! You all know how I like to try new products. But for now, you can follow me on my InstagramFacebookTwitter and Bloglovin' to keep updated!

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  1. Torrid looks like such a beautiful blush. Definitely a shade I'd like to try :)


    1. It's really pretty, I think it suits every skin tone so hopefully you'll enjoy it as much as I have! xx

  2. that MAC lip shade looks beautiful!

    from helen at

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