L'Óreal Colour Riche Moisture Matte Lipsticks | Review

Thursday, 15 May 2014

I adore L'Óreal products to the moon and back and their lipsticks are no exception. During Priceline's 40% off cosmetics sales (read my haul here), I picked up the new Moisture Matte Lipsticks in the shades "Red Valentine" and "Spring Rosette" after getting a great recommendation from one of my girlfriends who work in Priceline. After wearing these two shades several times, I intended in picking up more during Priceline's BOGOF sale which resulted in me grabbing another 3 shades in "Glamour Fushia", "Bloody Mary" and "Cherry Crush". They don't have a large colour selection, I believe it only carries 8 shades from memory but I think there will be at least one colour that will attract to everyone.

Red Valentine is a nice hot pink with a slight warm undertone which adds a nice pop of colour to the face, especially if you don't have anything crazy going on with the eyes. Spring Rosette is a My Lips But Better kind of colour, its a pink-nude shade which adds a little warmth to the face and compliments darker, smokey and sultry eye shadows. Cherry Crush isn't generally a colour I gravitate towards but after seeing the swatch, its a beautiful light coral pink which would look so gorgeous in the Spring and Summer time! Glamour Fushia is a magenta shade with a slight purple undertone, it's not as dark as I expected it to be still, it's a fabulous shade to rock during a night out! I definitely think it's a close match to the Maybelline Colour Vivid in Hot Plum if anything it's a little bit deeper. Last but not least is Bloody Mary which is a deep red shade, a classic shade to finish any makeup look. I am in love with this colour, definitely pick it up if you're looking for a classic red.
All lipsticks glide on like butter and sets to a matte finish after about 5-10 minutes, if you apply a thin layer. It's heavily pigmented and a little goes along way but lasting power isn't anything special. You do have to reapply the lipstick after eating, drinking etc as it doesn't leave a stain on the lips. Packaging wise, I would say it's really well made and has a little weight to it. It also has a sample of the shade on the outside of the tube which is handy if you're in a hurry to find the shade. These retail at Priceline for $21.95AUD but it's currently on sale for $15, so get on it girlfriend!

Hope you guys enjoyed my review, I know I've been missing in action and I do apologise but I turned 21 over the weekend which is really exciting! But I'm back in the beauty world and have many exciting new makeup products to share with you guys! xx

- Have you guys noticed the change of quality of my photos? Will have an update in my next post! -


  1. Um, amazing photo quality babe! I really like Cherry Crush and Bloody Mary. I totally forgot to pick up some during the BOGOF sale :(

    1. Thank you beby! Aw well it's $15 right now, recommend those colours as well. They're so beautiful!


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